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  • Will Ai-Sync WiFi-Enabled Controller support Samsung SmartThings?
    At the moment, we’re more focused on creating the best Ai-Sync experience that we can. That’s why we’re being selective on the integrations we introduce, to ensure they add more value to our users. While we don’t have a specific time frame for when additional integrations will be announced, we’re talking to our users to learn which integrations they are most eager to see in the future.
  • How close does the WIFI-Enabled controller need to be from my WiFi router?
    The same as any other device you are connecting to WiFi. The Ai-Sync app will show you how strong the WiFi signal is between the WiFi-Enabled controller and your router.
  • How does WiFi network changes affect the WIFI-Enabled controller?
    The WiFi-Enabled controller is just like any other device connected to the WiFi network in your house or office. If you have changed the WiFi password, the phone app will let you know that the WiFi-Enabled controller cannot connect. If you change the router you will have to reset the WiFi-Enabled controller to join the new network the same way you have when first introducing the WiFi-Enabled controller to your network.
  • What happens if there is internet outage?
    If you have programmed a schedule, the WiFi-Enabled controller will continue to control the appliances per the schedule. However, you will need the WiFi network up and running in order to re-program or control the appliance from your phone.
  • Why can’t I configure my Ai-Sync to the network?
    Ensure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. Please note that the Ai-Sync only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks, but you can use any available network—even cellular data networks—to control your Ai-Sync from your phone once you’ve finished configuration. Your Ai-Sync might be too far from your router. Try moving the Ai-Sync within 164 feet (50m) of the router. Please turn off cellular/mobile data to proceed with configure process. Make sure you have turned off MAC address filtering. To factory reset, turn your Ai-Sync off for 3 seconds, then turn it back on for 3 seconds. Repeat this process 5 times. The light will blink 1 time once the factory reset is successful. Your Ai-Sync will broadcast a temporary Wi-Fi hotspot that looks like "AISYNC_XXXXXX". If the above steps do not help, please provide your device serial number and send back APP logs by select "Setting->Send feedback" on the app
  • How do I set up Alexa to work with my Ai-Sync?
    Open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone. Under Skills, search for “Ai-Sync,” then tap Enable. Sign in to your Ai-Sync account as prompted. Go to the Alexa Smart Home section and tap Discover. Control your devices via Alexa.
  • How do I set up Google Home to work with my Ai-Sync?
    Open the Google Home app on your phone. Under the menu, tap Home Control. Under Devices, tap the + to add a device. Find “Ai-Sync” from the device list, then log in as prompted. Tap Authorize to connect to Google Home. Control your devices via Google Home.
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